Saturday, February 24, 2007

National LULAC issues "gag order" on local LULAC Council #1

Subject: Border Patrol Issue

Dear Board Members,
Today our National Board met via a conference call regarding the resolution which was passed at our State Board meeting this past weekend. The resolution referenced our position regarding two Border Patrol Officers. As you recall, we do not endorse thier actions but mainly question the serverity of the punishment and asked for a pardon.
After much discussion it was voted by the National Board to enforce a "gag order" on all members of the organization, not only our Texas LULAC members, regarding speaking to the media on this issue. If a member of the media calls you please refer them to the National Office.
Please do not feel that our efforts were in vain because part of the end result is now that the National Office is going to move on looking into this type of sentencing with our Legislators in Washington. The smallest victory in the midst of a defeat, no matter how small, is still a victory. Hold you heads up high as proud Texas LULAC members and know that we did the right thing.
Please make sure that all of the councils in your district abide by our National Board's decision and let us now move on to other issues that effect Texas.
Thank you again for all of your continued support.
Roger C. Rocha, Jr.
State Director - Texas LULAC


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Joe A Ortiz response in Advocating for Ramsey Muniz: "To me, it was a no brainer"

Update to the past articles on the plight of Ramsey Muniz story by Bart Bedsole and the video footage interview by phone with Ramsey and Joe A Ortiz of LULAC and the American GI Forum

Supporters of the former Corpus Christi resident said the punishment doesn't fit his crime. And in his first interview, since he was transferred to a prison in Three Rivers prison, he talked about his fight for freedom.

After more than a decade in what he considers "exile," Muniz is a Coastal Bend resident once again.

"I'm just real pleased, and I'm real happy to be back," he said.

The people responsible for keeping Ramsey in Prison are the ones who see him as a threat to their powerbase so for Joe A Ortiz, it was a no brainer .

Ironically, it was two semi-political groups that helped to bring him back. In 2006, the National organizations of LULAC and the American GI Forum both passed resolutions asking for his humanitarian release.

"To me, it was a no brainer, bringing this up," LULAC District Director Joe Ortiz said. "It just needed to be brought up. If it's not an Hispanic civil rights organization backing up Ramsey, then who will?"

Ramsey says he stays informed of Current Events, he says

"I get the USA Today; I get the Newsweek," he said. "I get Time; I get the Texas Monthly. I get every possible thing that I can stay up with."
Should we send him some Articles of Los Kenedenos? LOL

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gi Forum Network and Joe Ortiz Bring Ramsey back to Texas.

And Thank You Hermano Joe Article