Friday, December 29, 2006

Humanitarian Appeal for Ramsey Muniz

Humanitarian Appeal for Ramsey Muniz
Date: Tuesday, April 18 @ 08:22:07 MDT
Topic: Civil Rights in Texas--General

Dear Friends:

I have just returned from a trip to Springfield, Missouri, where I visited with Ramsey. He is continuing to regain his strength, and has begun recalling eleven years of pain and suffering in Leavenworth, due to a lack of medical attention.

Enclosed is a letter recently sent to the warden at the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners. Know that a report from Dr. Pete Garcia was attached to the letter.


April 7, 2006

Mr. Robert McFadden, Warden
United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners
1900 West Sunshine
Springfield, MO 65807

Re: Ramiro R. Muniz #40288-115

Dear Mr. McFadden:

I write this letter on behalf of my husband and myself, and our families. As you are aware, my husband, Ramiro R. Muniz, was recently sent to the United States Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri as a result of a serious life threatening illness. Prior to his transfer to Springfield, he was at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, a maximum-security prison.

Enclosed is a letter and medical report written in 1995 by Dr. Pete Garcia, Orthopedic Surgeon in Corpus Christi, Texas. This report was sent to the Warden at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth to describe my husband's poor health. Mr. Muniz suffers from a herniated disc and knee injuries. Dr. Garcia indicated that he was in need of surgery to avoid the pain from this condition. Although the letter and report were sent in 1995, records will show that Mr. Muniz was denied medical treatment for those injuries. He went through great pain and suffering for eleven years.

While at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth in 1996, Mr. Muniz suffered a serious fall and hurt his hip. The pain endured was excruciating, and in his injured condition he had to walk in the snow to make an appointment with medical staff and again to receive a medical examination. Leavenworth records will reflect that Mr. Muniz was never sent to the U.S. Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri. Instead, he was given aspirin and Motrin. He endured great pain and suffering for a serious hip injury, and now requires a cane for walking.

Today Mr. Muniz is housed in the United States Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri as a result of complications from a life threatening surgery performed in August of 2005. While at Springfield he has begun recalling the trauma experienced from being denied medical treatment at Leavenworth for extremely painful injuries.

I am trying to understand why my husband had to endure great suffering for eleven years. He suffers from a herniated disc, injured knees, a deteriorated hip, and he is 63 years old. He went through great pain and suffering even though records will show that he is a peaceful man. He had no incident reports throughout the eleven years that he was at Leavenworth.

We are aware that my husband's hip has deteriorated and requires replacement if he is to walk without the assistance of a cane. We ask that you allow him time before undergoing hip replacement surgery. This time will allow him to recuperate from the mental and emotional trauma experienced through the recent life threatening surgery, and help him gain strength that he has lost from being on a liquid diet for over six months.

Perhaps surgery for his knees can precede his hip surgery. If this is possible, then please consider this option. Understand that hip surgery is not being avoided. We merely ask for time in which to recuperate from the trauma of his last surgery.

Many congressmen support our efforts to seek humanitarian support for a man who has suffered greatly, in spite of the fact that he has been a model prisoner for the past eleven years. The staff at Leavenworth was well aware of his good conduct, yet did nothing to help him lower his security level.

My husband is in no condition to be placed in a penitentiary. This move would pose a threat to his life considering his poor health, which has worsened from being denied medical treatment. If Mr. Muniz does not receive assistance from the Bureau of Prisons, we want to know why. Our families, friends, congressmen and supporters await your response.

Thank you for any assistance that you can provide.


Irma Muniz


Mr. Michael K. Nalley, Regional Director
North Central Region Bureau of Prisons
Gateway Complex Tower II, 8th Floor
4th and State Street
Kansas City, KS 66101-2492
Fax: 913-551-1130

Mr. Michael Junk, Designator
North Central Region Bureau of Prisons
Gateway Complex Tower II, 8th Floor
4th and State Street
Kansas City, KS 66101-2492

The Honorable John Cornyn
United States Senator
517 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

The Honorable Ken Salazar
United States Senator
2300 15th Street Suite 450
Denver, CO 80202

The Honorable Solomon P. Ortiz
United States Congressman
3649 Leopard Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78408

The Honorable Ruben Hinojosa
United States Congressman
107 South St. Mary's Street
Beeville, TX 78102

The Honorable Henry Cuellar
United States Congressman
1149 E. Commerce
San Antonio, TX 78205

The Honorable Juan "Chuy"� Hinojosa
Texas State Senator
2821 SPID Suite 291
Corpus Christi, TX 78415

The Honorable Lloyd Doggett
United States Congressman
300 East 8th St., #763
Federal Building
Austin, TX 78701

Ms. Michelle M. Law
Attorney at Law
Springfield, MO

Mr. Orlando Narvaez
Attorney at Law
Corpus Christi, TX

Mr. Dan Alfaro
Attorney at Law
Corpus Christi, TX

Mr. Albert Huerta
Attorney at Law
Corpus Christi, TX

Mr. Dick DeGuerin
Attorney at Law
Houston, TX

Mr. Joe Ortiz
National Civil Rights Director
American GI Forum
Corpus Christi, TX

Mr. Manuel Gonzalez
Civil Rights Chairman
League of United Latin American Citizens
Corpus Christi, TX

Mr. Nelson Linder
Austin, TX

Ms. Ruth Epstein
American Civil Liberties Union
Austin, TX

Monday, December 25, 2006

Joe A Ortiz (National Civil Rights Director, American GI Forum) Writes Letter to the Caller Times (and it got published)

Should step down

We know that Del Mar College President Carlos Garcia is responsible to the Board of Regents. However, President Garcia should be more responsible to the public. His actions are compromising education at Del Mar.

Del Mar President Garcia should relinquish his position until the present investigation is completed.

The board is doing a disservice to the public by keeping Del Mar President Garcia as president while there is a cloud of suspicion and his integrity is being questioned and investigated.

Joe Ortiz

(Civil Rights Director,

National GI Forum)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gi Forum Network and Joe Ortiz Bring Ramsey back to Texas.

Posted on December 15, 2006 at 00:21:55 AM by Kenedeno

Ramsey after a lengthy letter and undernetworking campaign (by the GI Forum in tandem with Ramsey's wife Irma) to place him in Three Rivers has finally been transferred.

More on this in a little while.

Great Work GI Forum, Joe Ortiz and all others instrumental in this human rights issue.